I believe that all success emanates from being in the center of what you are good at. Oprah is good at being Oprah…Lebron is good at being Lebron. I am good at being Konrad.

I am the Conciliary…the raw strategy guy: the conflict resolution coach. I am the guy who sits at your table and helps you piece the puzzle. I just do not engage much in trying to fix the pieces, my focus is on the picture. Nothing moves with anything until something moves with how we see what is standing right in front of us. I assess the risk and more importantly the eventuality. It is why individuals, couples, divorced families and CEO’s bring me to their table.


I am not going to change you...I am not going to transform your life...I am not going to fix you and I am not going to help you develop more confidence; so then what am I here for? To let the most honest version of you out. I don’t believe in change. What is change anyway? Life does not change, it unfolds…it reveals that which already exists. We see we embrace and we move. Change is just that carrot we chase that tells us if we fix this or try to be better at that over there then we will be better people. Then what? You believe that you have changed until you disappoint again which is when the ego tells you that you did not change enough and what you must really change is how bad you are at change. And why do we keep searching for something or someone who can transform us? The idea of transformation is too much of an X-factor that we all want to kick up to when we want to treat change like it is some pre-dawn rescue from the parts of us that we are unhappy with. Life does not begin at the person we can be…it begins at the person we already are. And more confidence? Stop rejecting yourself; confidence just comes from not disqualifying ourselves. We already have it in droves; it just waits for us to acknowledge it.

Crossroads of life are really just crossroads in our sight. From here we get to discover what being our authentic selves really costs and are we going to pay it? It is when our paradigms shift that the invisible becomes the tangible. Any darkness involved is to make us vulnerable to the light. Some things fall apart but that is only because of what is falling into place. We breakdown and we quit and re-write our life-plan 50 different ways but that is only to bring us to our edge where comfort is colliding with ambition. To say that new doors open because old doors close is cliché; (yawn) new doors align with us via resistance that allows us to detach from anything which can no longer serve us.

Our best life is NOT a straight line. At the end of the day…can you know your true self…like that person and then be that person in all things? Now you are living your purpose. Now you can stop looking for the meaning of life because there really isn’t one. There is only you, and the things that you have to do that are preparing you for the things that you want to do. The value that we are comes down to the value that we add. What we have been thru or what we believe is NOT our legacy; whose quality of life is greater because you were here?


I can speak to just you, or I can speak to your group, your team or your soccer stadium. I am ready when you are.